Fire Photoshop Actions

 Fire Photoshop Actions

by GoldSheep (few years ago!) / 4282 views
Most of the flame actions around are for text only. (WHAT?!) And what''s more they only work in black and white grayscale. (?.? Why?) You can''t layer the flames because they rasterize and combine layers. >.<; and then they friggin'' go ahead and index them. What''s more ifs that you can''t put them on top of an image because the creator of the action thought they were smart to create a black background for you and combine it with the said flame layers. Can anyone say utter frustration? The ones I''ve seen require you to think a lot too and "Read the Stop Actions Carefully". The whole point of actions (at least I think) is to not make anyone even remotely close to think about it. (But flexibility about it as well. Choices are good.)

I do ask that you give me credit if you use the action, but that goes without saying, and I conveniently labeled the action for you with my name on it. (People demand that their brushes be given credit for, but then fail to label the brushes properly... --; )

This set of actions has the ability to layer the flames, soften them if you like, and it won''t destroy your image in the process by assuming you just want the flames and combining layers. While it will turn your canvas on it''s side (don''t freak out), it corrects it without destroying anything in your image! Now that''s more like it.

If you don''t like the wavy bits like in the image above, and just want a steaming hot wall of fire, I highly suggest that you don''t use the shear in the actions, and skip those two. The amount of waviness depends on how much shear you put forth. The image features softened and unsoftend flames in layered effects. You can also control the height of the flames too.

If you want dust, ash and smog DL that other action and put it in the background. I''ll work on smoke later. Puffy and wispy.

Will work in CS and CS2. In Photoshop 7 it''ll have problems with the blending modes, but as I said play with them. Will not work in Photoshop Elements due to a variety of reasons, so I wouldn''t even try.

Update: I added more control to the flames and the direction they go. However, I''m not sure if it will work in Photoshop 7 anymore.

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