Unseparate Blacklines Actions

 Unseparate Blacklines Actions

by GoldSheep (few years ago!) / 3969 views
Sometimes when I scan something on my scanner, and then do the desaturate, I get this ugly double line because I *gasp* scanned the picture in too high of a resolution. It''s a pain to fix, but I have a solution. I used the channels palate to chose one of the three lines, and turned it black. Used Levels adjustment, and voila... except one slight problem. It got repetitive after the third time. (I know, I know).

So what I did was for each channel I made an action--red blue and green. It will only work if your scan is in RGB (CYMK shouldn''t be that hard to fix it for that... but what''s the point when you''re dealing with a Band W image anyhow?)

So now when I scan I don''t get an ugly double lines I have to spend a few hours on fixing, but a nice single line. This is rather similar to clear black lines... but addresses another issue as well.

There is one for each channel and additional bit to make that level of the image clear (blending mode)

Will not work in Elements properly, CS, CS2, I''m not sure about 7, but it should work in 7

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