Coloring Set Actions

Coloring Set Actions

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I don''t know if this will be helpful to anyone but the beginner to Photoshop. This action is for *organizing* your folder and file structure. It doesn''t do anything to the canvas. (You still have to draw--when they come up with a program or action that can read the image in your mind, I''ll let you know.)

This is good for the beginner who knows nothing about coloring in Photoshop, want an easy way to do it and have their stuff all organized.

This is *Not* good for those who think their coloring method is their gift to the world.

This is my method of coloring in a very fast and cheap way (Minimal hassle, less layers). I use it pretty much on everything I do.

The Set includes:
1. The first 2 actions sets up the folder structure and some of the things I tend to forget while making pictures and then have to come back and redo later.

2. Make new Layers. I advocate using color overlay for each individual layer because often I''ll color on the wrong layer and I won''t know, and it''s useful for those times you decide that you want to change the color--it''s one click away rather than having to select the section again and fill it and worry about if the selection will make the edges look horrid. It''s also good for perfectionists too who want to see what the layer contains--change it to an apparent color and then you can see where you missed in your coloring.

3. White Shadow layer. This is basically shadows for your white areas. Since it''s a separate layer you can color whatever you want.

4. Shadow and Highlights. This is something I picked up from Matt Kloskowski''s tutorials. It''s extremely useful. Basically you can use the burn tool or dodge tool on one layer to create all the highlights and shadows. For more detailed things it doesn''t always work, but it''s much better than burning on the layer and then finding out you have a mistake. (You can use opacity to slide it back and forward etc.) Good even for advanced painters.

I realize this is a bit people-centric too... but then you don''t have to run that action.

Even if you don''t like this method it will give you food for thought on how to organize your folder structure. You can make your own action for it.

To color Quan Yin and Remembering You I used these techniques to some effect and varied them a little. It''s really good for anime which has a 3-tone system.

Works in 7 and up. Not an Elements Action. (Many of these features are stripped in Elements.)

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